Sindangkerta Felt Like Europe

The long-awaited time has finally arrived not because I did not think about something I was dying for, but the time would side with me when I was also willing to fight, fighting for something until finally it became an extraordinary achievement. I did not know what kind of form gratitude that manifested thanks to Him for the opportunity about graduated on time. Yesterday, a thesis session made the days unusual like a bird that found its freedom, no matter when it returned to its mother. I promised myself that I would graduate on time and the journey of exploring Indonesia must be continued. I knew the reasons were not rational like the others feel up made their parents happy, but I was grateful to be part of an outstanding student correcting the cruel image of the faculty. In fact, the credibility of the tuition system only applied to qualified people too. Why not, everyone had the same rights as long as a student, just trying not to worry and let God to eventually believed in his miracles.

The air was so refreshing after the graduation session, Norit and I went to the southern part of Tasikmalaya. Our plan was to visit the turtle conservation site and Sindangkerta beach. We traveled quite a distance from Tasik about 3 hours driving, there was no more specific vehicle access to reach the destination because some vehicles were very limited only to the terminal. So, each visitor only used a personal vehicle or travel rental if it was available.

When I arrived at the Conservation site, I did not immediately join Norit to meet with the guards. My eyeballs traced on the bushes that bridge the residents’ houses and beaches. It so closed, I imagined how happy it would be to have a house near the beach. The sun rises or sets freely to probe me to enjoyed its beauty. The specialty of this place was not only the area that connected Cipatujah beach to Sindangkerta, every visitor could see a variety of turtles directly from the captivity to be released. There were three types of turtles that develop well in Sindangkerta, namely Leatherback Turtles Dhermochelys coriacea, Loggerhead Turtles Caretta caretta and Green Turtles Chelonia Mydas. This conservation area was bounded by three kilometers fence around the Sindangkerta beach which was a turtle nesting location. To saw the turtles, Norit and I stopped by the captivity located in Tegal Sereh. There was a small hut in which a pond to accommodate many hatchlings that also could not be released into the sea.I almost forgot not to perpetuate myself in turtle captivity or to capture turtles as documentation of this trip. In this place we did not spend too long because we had to continue the journey to the beach where that was the real destination. Although, the distance from the breeding of sea turtles to the beach was not too far away, there were many moments that I wanted to go through by utilizing the time before evening arrived. It’s quite troublesome if it’s late, I’ll be able to get to the house at night and mom won’t stop nagging.

And I really be free to be here, I immerse gratitude for everything. Thanks God, I am blessed!

And I really free to be here, I immerse gratitude for everything. Thanks God, I was blessed!This beach was quite far from the city and not many people knew besides Cipatujah beach or Sindangkerta beach, but this beach was also part of the Sindangkerta beach. It was only isolated by residents as a beach for releasing sea turtles. I felt lucky to set foot on this beach even I was hesitant at the first because many bones were buried in sand. I did not know what kind of animal, the bones were shocking when they got one foot. On this beach, I can not freely take off my footwear but I could scream freely because no one would be disturbed.

If Norit did not accompany the trip, I had never felt the real coastline. Susur  or go along the beach as a member of MAPALA and as an ordinary pedestrian like me, doing this activity saved many points of view that distinguish about nature lovers and nature activists. Norit said that a nature lover was no stranger to the word GUHURALA (Gunung, Hutan, Rawa, Lautan)  which consisted of forest, mountain, swamp, and ocean.

sea. A lover of nature can position himself as a lover where he not only enjoyed nature and then selfies. A natural lover must take care of the environment and dare to suffer themselves on the trip. That was, not all the trips were fun or as expected, a lover of nature will be tested by the patience of nature itself including Norit who tested me to go along the edge of this strange beach.

We shouted loudly. They said, screaming in the wild was able to release all burdens and emotional turmoil. We also calculated stepping that took steps aimlessly. Sometimes traveling was not about the destination, wherever we went during our loved ones, or anyone who had a partner, it was the best moment to enjoy what has been through.


We might know about the character of someone who accompanied the trip or the universe became closer when we knew it during traveling. As I knew the character of Rizka or the woman who was called Norit, someone who was unpredictable, a quite mysterious and one thing I did not like about her was easily carried away by the flow. What I said when she asked for advice to released or maintained were still a consideration, even though the evidence was clear, she was hurt by men. So far, there were still many good things from her that I could not mention one by one and I just felt like focused on those virtues. The day to afternoon flown so fast, Norit and I immediately left the madness and nothingness without goal, but there were many things that I brought including memories. These memories that we had thrown away all the questions that did not need the answers by shouting, venting and it was throwing away by the tidal waves.Norit rode a motorbike turn home, I sat in the back. Our conversations were still going on but the eyeball did not miss the gaze on the row of trees and the distance that separated me from the ocean.

“Rit, could you see the place?” I shouted loudly so as not to be missed.


“Damn! It’s so cool babe! We had to be there ” answered Norit and she turned a quarter of his neck.

“But why were you going back? Wasn’t night coming”? Norit made me confused between stopping or going home late.

“After shooting on the road we” the final decision, we chose to stop because I can not know when this place again.

We walked through the thickets of grass, approaching an old hut filled with straw and we touched a pile of wood at that place. No one there, the path took us further where we had been before. Our eyes stared in amazement at the expanse of grass that was finished with many cows and to the branches without having leaves.

The extent of this place was above the endless of ocean, the wind blew bothering the cows, throwing their gazes at us. I took their photos without hesitation, even though there was a chance that they would be interrupted just like us.

Norit was also busy taking pictures of herself using a timer when I hung dreams on an old tree. What a poor tree, it was leafless. Hopefully, the day after tomorrow as the hopes grow, it filled the space in an empty branch like this empty heart. We walked back aimlessly, like counting the number of steps on the beach. Instead we wanted to take pictures of cows, even though we were lost in conversations about men. Where were we going and what we became after graduation later?

Our footrests farther, it accompanied by the wind and the waves from below the height of the field. Suddenly, there was a corner that stopped the legs and momentarily healed myself. A sand mountain that was high enough to amaze was filled with large cows like in the overseas.


My mouth did not stop spreading admiration for Norit when God created a lot of hidden beauty. It felt like being in Europe who knows which part. Maybe it’s the Costwold village of my dreams for a long time or the Edensor told by Andrea Hirata in the title of the novel.

“This was I called a trip”

“Sometimes, we focused on goals and forgot a lot of things”

“Yes beb, we  forgot that the meaning of a trip was the journey itself”

“Tumben lo wise?”

“It’s Lusiana’s friend”. Norit answered and we laughed together then immortalized ourselves with a shot of the time. I had to sacrifice my cellphone by sticking it on the ground or leaning it into a bag. What a pity! the cellphone just needs a backrest.

We embraced each other’s happiness when we answered each other’s small questions about where we could be met. When many people asked why we know each other, our answers were the same. The universe brought us together. HHH yes, I was also confused as to why I knew this person, even though we were not in the same faculty let alone in the same organization. I  believed that every pedestrian will always be met with other of them. Sindangkerta made me not ask anymore about the meaning of a trip, because I understood that the meaning of a trip was the journey itself. Except when I interpreted a goal, it would be the opposite because sometimes the trip did not need a destination but enjoyed the moment than that.





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