Repeatedly Came to Kacapi Hill

Joined with Tapak Sendal Community

               What was so special about this hill? I brought people out of town many times resolved their curiosity. Honestly, I was a typical person who chased destinations before explored by many visitors. But, it was only for the nearby places because another National Parks have been already visited of the crowd. I went to Kacapi hill when the local residents had not been made a tourist attraction, If Tapak Sendal Community did not exist,it might not a chance to enjoyed the beauty of the hill at that time.

The place was in the southern part of Tasikmalaya. If you came from the city, you could enter Singaparna toward the border of Wanaraja, Garut. Bukit Kacapi was precisely located in the village of Kurjati, Tanjungkarang, Cigalontang Tasikmalaya. The distance from Tasikmalaya was about 65 km with a route to a fairly complicated location as complex as determining the title of the thesis at that time.

My friends and I brought a motorbike was like a racer who roared the engine on the road. Howa crazy, I was the only woman who piggybacked on someone else, a friend who brought me to joined Tapak Sendal community. It was chaired by Mas Dino as Ersa’s boyfriend. I really looked at the single, hufft but never mind! HHH it was the important thing to be elegant, the singles that were loved by many people. I was not an official member of the community, but they opened anyone who need to travel and found a travel companion.  I also mingled with men and women who numbered about 40 people. There was nothing deeper to interpret a trip than a new hello, although at that time the meaning of the trip for me was limited to visiting tourist attractions. The important thing was enjoying what nature presented to humans.

The motorcycle that we were riding finally entered the residents’ house by crossing the trail. You must be careful because of slippery and many stones that divert the focus of the rider. I brought my own motorcycle, instead of being controlled by the desires of a traveler whereas I was good enough brough a vehicle on a steep road. It was such a challenge! I loved adventure.

Bukit Kacapi was a tea plantation that provided swimming pool facilities in hilly areas. So, visitors could enjoy the cool atmosphere especially for people who like to swim, a peace situations and photo spot hunting can be enjoyed as well. This hill was the most appropriate choice and anyone was free to came because it was managed well and you only paid the tickets about Rp. 5000.

The atmosphere was beautiful, Ersa and I spent two hours swimming in the middle of the hills. There was no one other than us who also shivered due to being cold at an altitude of 950. Two more female friends finally joined in seeing us as we were floating. While others enjoy the facilities in the hills while chatting in the Gazebo and making swings


Being a local guide

There was nothing special about the trip to Kacapi Hill after a few months of deciding to stop explored and focused on doing the final project, I returned with myself and different friends. They were Zohard, Gunawan and Sinta where they saw my first instagram feeds with Ersa and almost attracted them to this place. All the photos on social media were authentic, there was no element of any manipulation to attract pedestrians, I recommend this place to anyone who wanna  hide in the crowd.

We walked down the tea plantation to got to the top because the swimming pool was very crowded. Feeling worn out made Sinta, Zo and Gunawan grumble where their initial intention was to swam.Although their mood was bright again like a cloud today after we reached the top.

They captured themselves also drink coffee, occasionally made fun of the women who pass by.

I dunno why, seeing them was so happy. Even though Sinta was a bit annoyed, but she said was doing well. We had known each other for a long time, as she cried ignoring our Senior High School separation. Sometimes I laughed. There was no need to retell the extent of our friendship, although the habit would eventually that set us apart. Sinta had no desire to wander, she prefered at home because once I invited her out, she was targeted by Zo to be married, he said. That’s so funny!

I knew that Zo had a different kind of joke, joking that made anyone laugh even if they did not know him. The most severe humor was every woman were made cringey . Hmmmm I respected whoever was he. A melancholy man whose face was quite fierce but his heart was pinky Hello kitty: D sorry Zo, it was real! You were really an empathy man I have known.

He has been two years of my travel companion and every moment said, “ Take a good wife candidate please!” Well, I obeyed what he said because I had a women adventures community. So, I took all of them take turn wandered with him even though no one was stuck in his heart eventually. Therefore he was a good friend who made me believe that slengean person was not like other women thought. He often gave advice on how I was in a relationship with men or men like what was worth to fighting for.

“Just enough, only a serious man would marry you eventually.” with his tone of voice and style of language, I remembered Zo how to select every man who was often present. And I also can’t help thinking why it was often frustrating to complicate  Zo who was always wrong in women.

We were fair to introduce our travel companion, because the most important thing when I did a trip was having fun with the fellas.  So, the journey was colorful and I loved to the creator by looking at various forms. It was like seeing the look of this man, his name was Gunawan and we both loved walking. A Gugun, as he was called, he has many travel stories from him including traveling in the workforce. Travel for him was not only traveling but how to try his luck in the city. For me it was extraordinary because it gave direction where I will also work. Anyway, this person was quite wise

            Januari 2017,03

A moment of love


The days still days left when fireworks burst that night. Only a difference of two days until the count to this day,I was standing here after so many years of 2016 to be here with Ersa and her friends of Tapak Sendal community. The atmosphere was different from the noise of new people, but the expectations remained the same. Out of many hopes, I want to graduate on time. These vast hills made everyone unnerved when they anchored their views or linked their hopes or just choose to restore the heart from an uncertain hope. No need to worry, the sky was so broadly bound to the earth, there was not reason to lie because of expectations in humans that were not in accordance with what was desired. Let it go, let it flow.

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