It’s Cold but Delighted, Should I Turn Back?

Have you ever felt how was Papandayan mountain’s condition during the cold weather? I have thought about Papandayan mount over so many years, and lemme shared it as the first experience by tracking it well. What a shame on me because it was near of my home town but I have not explored yet.

Go Entrance to the Mount? Read this one!

If you firstly come here, you will discover a wall map that can guide anyone exploring to the top of peak. This blue wall map neither shows a whole of surface area nor even the way to reach dead forest but around the bottom place like mushola, food stall, and conservation of flora species. It actually does not necessary but you only deserve to be a better voyager.

After reading an information on the map, my spouse and I immediately walk ahead to found the way to the top. We gave joke each other along the way so we didn’t even feel tired.


The middle peak was clearly visible rom the road where I was walking, so was some people huddled beside the grass. I was delighted by seeing people because of they still took their time to climb during the rainy day. Did you know guys? What was the most stunning scenery besides nature under open the skies? Oh looked! A journey was dominated by the older.


It is a complex stratovolcano located in Garut regency to the shouteast of the city of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. It is about 15 Km to the shoutwest of the town of Garut. At the summit, there are four large craters which contain active fumarole fields. An eruption in 1772 caused the northeast flank to collapse producing a catastrophic debris avalance that destroyed 40 villages and killed nearly 3000 people. The eruption truncated the volcano into a broad shape with two peaks and a flat area. 1.1 Km wide with alun-alun crater in the middle, making the mountain appear as a twin volcano which one of the peak is called Papandayan and the second is mount Puntang.

They took they own self portait and not scared of the drizzle. I shouldn’t feel blue too, yeaah went to travel with my bae was a rare moment. But a few minutes later, the wind hit my body with its strong gust. Where should I hide and took a refuge? It’s cold God, its’s cold.

Remembering this situation taught me how my weaknesses couldn’t be hidden as a human. Someone would eventually know it no matter what.

After standing at the peak which first point of Papandayan was the volcano, I suddenly thought about expectation. Have you guys expected of something? Shakespeare said we do not need to expect anything from anyone. Expectations always hut and life is too short.

There are two different kind of expectation where I was reminded by an old memory when I trapped by the storm in Blitar mount two years ago. What a horrible! It was as cold as a winter of overseas and perhaps being here turned out to be unexpected without enjoying a sunny day. In addition, it was a reason why hiking was avoided by me because I had an allergic of cold. Having an expectation was not a big deal, we were all human circled by complex system of life. So then, a second things were my circumstance. I have been a bit stronger at the middle of peak while walking under a thick fog and wind than the previous years were faced by the weather namely weather stress disorder.

I didn’t mind to reach the top of mount during the cold weather and I was supported by a worst circumstance. Oh, both mind and heart got so blind due to the fog and rain but my spouse ensured me to keep walking.


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