Wandering to The Memory

Have you ever attention a child ? whether the annoying children at your house, the  funny demeanor of those who played in your yard house or those who strolled the streets where not all the children had a good life like home and family.

            Paid attention to the children was the way I saw how time momentum worked by being mature and wise.

Childhood memory

Be like a kid did not mean a childish. Children thought us how to live with a meaningful life. By asking them to communicate, I obtained the precious unforgettable things when we were child was like believed in miracles. Children believed that a fairy teeth were at the school yard. They believed that the upper teeth disloged when flowed into the river will grow well rather than being thrown over the tile. The simple things that had a big influence but it was forgotten when we were getting older because of often letting down by others. That was why let down or disappointing which made us no longer believed in miracle anymore.

They were sixth grade elementary students who like swimming every Sunday. They have just met me today, the first impression of seeing them made me fall in love when they were looking for the marbles in the water.

“Hei, may I join you?” I asked one of them as if I’ve already known each other.

“Sure” said the agile one.

When the marbles were collected in their hands, they were assembly and talked many things which I really did not know what they were talking about.

“May I know your name guys?”  That was the most common question I often asked to any child wherever I met them.

carla, Banten 2018

Sometimes, you only need to see the children wherever you were. Some their innocence thought us about sincerity, simplicity, acceptance, and laugh at the little things that shouldn’t make us too complicated to think of something that was not serious. It was the way how I enjoyed the life by maintaining a childish for the sake of happiness at the sometimes.

By seeing them, happiness was when I let my soul free like an irreplaceable rare bird where there was not space of mind like human was its universe. That was the pattern of freedom.

I am another you, you are another me. – Rumi   Bandung, Braga street 2015

Did you guys know that words? The most philosophical words from sufi who acknowledged many religious people whole the world. Those words reflected how both of them understood each other. I did not know if they were siblings or only playmates. It was just that I saw how their two souls were bound each other.

Many words were sparkled through their joking eyes. Therefore, I knew that the eyes were the easiest sense of our body where the words can be understood without speaking.

The Street Children

How many companies have developed an educated people? How much economic development has changed lifestyle? I did not blame many changes in this country, but I wanna open the eyes that the children had many functions in all aspects and one of those was foundation of a country. I wanna make aware of the low people’s character behind the government who did not concerns to establish a free school for them. Whoever you were dear younger generation who cares about education, I could only give an ideas to build street children school community to safe them like some of the cities I visited. You could contribute by practicing your knowledge and building communities to save street children. However, I was only a social observer who hides behind the words.

People often complain because their work, unsatisfied salary to sufficient their needs, or some school’s assignment were piled up. Have they ever thought that everything they had what was the others dreaming of? Complaining was nit a solution but trying and giving up to God. We maybe tired of what has been done or expect something that has not been achieved. I just remembered what my teacher told me that life was not a place to rest but eternity. Therefore, we must be sensitive to something around us. We must be grateful for what we already have, as I saw this little boy stealing my heart that I was nothing in the world, we were all the same in God.

By seeing them, I eventually found the sense of traveling. The true traveler saw around as it was not only about reaching destination.  

Rina Lusiana

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