Karacak Valley, We Were Compounding

The days were still the same as usual, between heart and mind out of desire about to graduate on time when my faculty was with a cruel image. I knew it was great, so the credibility of my faculty was well tested when graduating the students. However, I was still no firm intention started the guidance of my thesis because I didn’t know where to begin. What kinda guidance? my heart worried to determine the topic.

A time still confined the body and soul into impossibility even I did not care for what time actually gave because time would be kind when I didn’t think anymore. I only enjoyed each and everyday sitting sweetly while reading a book or drinking coffee at Historical Education Department and I saw them who worked hand in hand to graduate on time. I imagined about class mate as my historical mate did, but it felt only limited because English Education faculty was identical with a pretty cruel image. There was not necessarily graduating students simultaneously from one class at the same time. In fact, there were still many seniors who went back and forth looking for supervisors and line up in front of door of the study program from the morning to evening.

Here, in the shade out from the crowd of students and so many years of broken hearts, an indie folk music of Four Twenty seemed to be a travel companion that settled me in a crossroads. I didn’t know where this life will lead to if my daily activities only travel at a critical time where the student’s final destination was graduation. And I have even planned to travel out of town for the umpteenth time. March 17 2017, a day where I just wanted to close my eyes temporarily and looked for a peace of mind and heart, so everything gonna be okay. We choose Garut as a destination for chaotic feelings, because Garut has many natural attractions that were no longer in doubt. It started from Papandayan mount, Guntur mount, and the hills that were currently being hilarious.

Lemme introduced our group those were Dwiky, Memey, Tita, Bowo, Ulfah, A cecep where the faculty have divided us into difference. We choose Karacak Valley as a shady campsite with cool pine trees. They were like my own family even not a classmate. There was a reason to claim myself as part of them majoring in English. Haha I was just kidding brow! Just have fun, as long as I keep traveling. : D We took Singaparna route for about two hours to Wanaraja right on the edge of Garut. There were two paths that can be taken from Tasikmalaya which were Singaparna and Ciawi. Both lines were easy but if you wanted to take an effective time, Tasik route was better to have the Singaparna line as an access. A bad access perhaps will be found by you because the limited of public transportation. It was different when you crossed another passing through Ciawi, all kinds of transactions have no minimum.

From the shortcut halls of Singaparna, we finally arrived in the Garut. The atmosphere was quite quiet and solid different from the usual cities where Garut was cold as its characteristic. It was like his heart that was difficult to express the longing, but there was something cooler than longing, a trouble heart when repeatedly to be understood. Uhu never mind, forget it.

               Under the blue sky of the city, the traffic vehicles were very orderly even though the city was fairly small. In the city center, a line of streets filled with shops that sold special crafts from leather it was Bags, shoes, and other accessories where women like me would have any of shopping.

It didn’t take a day to enjoyed the beauty of the diamond city. There was many corners that I wanted to visit, including culinary and visited the place of “Fighting sheep” instead of fighting sheep fighting or conveying the ugliness of other people, Garut, besides being known for its natural beauty, also cultivation of sheep that have high selling points . The sheeps were often competed in competitions, a sheep must be a handsome one. We arrived at night in Garut but not directly to the summit to spend the night there. The seven of us decided to sleep overnight at Dwiky’s house and all to unwind traveling under the rain. Not even day and night, it turned out that Garut was very cold as his feeling, never mind. Forgot it.

In the morning, we immediately left after packing many of the necessities and finally to the Karacak Valley for an hour in a day care place which was still in doubt about the rules of the guard, because this place was still a virgin, no one has stripped us apart from the seven of us who feel here the first time. It was okay! There was God everywhere, I was sure God was looking after us all. My friends and I continued our journey, along the lush grass to arrive at an altitude of 1,850 meters above the hills. Crickets and other indistinct sounds were deafening on Friday night, huft almost crazy. I camped on a Friday night without letting my parents knew. I was sorry mam, dad. I thought Friday night would be tense because at nine o’clock the wind still blew, but luckily while hiking we were spoiled by the cool atmosphere of the jungle with the flow of the river which was increasingly heard over other voices. Dwiky and Bowo no less livened up the atmosphere so that we were not afraid and tense during the climb. They both also tickled Tita and Memey and then passed it to me and the others. Until finally we forgot the fear in addition to gathering in the forest. we were in the darkness of the night, the sound of crickets, trees, and each of us tried to be understood His creatures. Nothing was different in this world, the harmony of the universe existed because of the cooperation between humans and the others.


At the top of 1. 850 altitude, we immediately divided tasks to work faster. Dwiky and A Cecep immediately set up a tent  but Tita and Bowo lit a fire became a lantern when night came. Memey nimbly installed a Hammock for anyone who was willing to sleep hanging tonight in a tree because one tent was not possible to be together, it was only for women. At night when all had finished their respective duties, we circled the fire to warm the quiet body. The cold night that tore my jacket anchored my gaze of how the fire worked to melt the wood. Such as love, it burned when we were happy to be made. But it was dim when it was hindered by many trials, the distance that begins to separate, or hope that we keep waiting.


Karacak Valley was the right hill for camping, the sun rising from the east that we looked back at the green hills ahead. I didn’t forget to perpetuate yourself between the light and life of the universe. The Universe combined us in harmony among the final year students who were busy wandering while looking for a thesis title. We were similar but not the same, I just want to focus on aiming at all the differences that synthesized not similarities that could not be separated. Today, laughter, suffering, the joys and dreams spilled under open the sky. About the heart that has not yet intacted, it was only on the way can be healed.

We packed the things  when the sun started to rise. At 10:00 everything was neat and made curious by the northern forest to be followed. The little feet without foot wearing crossed the path and bridged by the sound of birds that made me even more comfortable would not come home. Our curiosity was not enough to come in the middle of a journey that did not know where the end was, a man crossed back from the forest announced a waterfall at the end. The news made us wanted to be there soon but it still had to be careful with muddy slippery roads. The waterfall was also quite far but we were not worried because the forest was very clean and neat. There were many small flowers where we could take pictures while sitting to talk a casually conversation.

I did not feel anything when the time has gone so fast. We finally arrived at Twin and Ngebul waterfall, having conversation on the road turned out to be able to hide what we were feeling. Whatever the conditions and circumstances, my friends and I immediately changed the clothes and showered under the cold clear water. I cannot delude myself to be more free when I saw the water whether in the ocean or in the forest, the waters carried by the universe made me more holy because of being in association with nature. Nature means reborn, and my soul need to be changed by making the time with the nature.

Nature means reborn, and my soul needs to be nature spiritually first before I admitted who am I as a human.

        “Rin, how can you be sure you can pass with us?” Asked Dwiky when our energy began to fade in the middle of the road to the waterfall. Even though I know he was just joking to cheer us on one by one with his rambling insults everywhere. There was no answer, also the heart that went silent besides silence my dream while to graduate together. But the universe for me has never betrayed my prayers to get to God faster. Let the universe work provides an opportunity for me to unite with them, graduating together even from different faculties.

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  1. Mungkin nggk ya setelah ini kita bertemu dan berpergian bareng lgi setelah masing2 dr kita memiliki kesibukn yg berbeda bukan lgi menentukan judul skripsi seperti saat itu, ahhh terimakasih setidaknya terobati rindu ini😉😍

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