Arc de Triomphe of Indonesia

When we arrived at Kediri, Navil picked me up at Hotel studio Yobel where I slept a night. She was accompanied by the younger man of us as a travel guide to explore the city, and we called him King as his nick name at English camp. They were not actually tour guide but one of them was exactly my collage mate since 2013. She has spent their six month life by learning English at Pare Kediri at least she knew the location around. Besides completed our longing as a travel companion, I was happy because I got a free local tour guide.

On a three meters long dark and quite hallway, the light near the exit has been a sign that we would arrived at the destination soon. A shining face blended with the beat of the shoes that how happy to be able to travel as final year celebration. Here we went to, I asked you to explored Indonesian Paris Van Java as seeing the glory of Napoleon Bonaparte tho we were a tourist in our Nation.

“King, are you okay? How was your feeling guide three women?”  I teased Salman by asking that question to come talk to us, but he still blushed and wasted his laughter in his stride. Even though he was younger than us, it was pleasure to talk to anyone with an open mind. So did Damayanti was introduced by me as a travel companion, so our friends were eventually multiplied. Our conversations along this aisle were only about travel and the people we meet. Navilah’s thought turned out to be more distant and boarder when she shared her findings on the trip, namely tourism places, friend, and love. I was speechless.

building was a room which protected us walking under the ground because every visitor could not get closer look at Arc de Triomphe from any door. Even though, there was many way to arrived faster but the rules must be obeyed.

What reminded you to the France in Indonesia? I remembered the teacher told us when I was elementary school that Bandung was flower city with its unique as Paris Van Java. A childhood memory could fly like blowing wind as I imagined what kinda Bandung was shaped as small Europe. Yet, I relized Paris Van Java was not only exist at Bandung but also at Kediri. Kediri was a part of city town of East Java which specifically had a landmark namely Arc de Triomphe at Gumul Simpang Lima.

It looked awesome and simple of another Triumphal where there was not ornament at the crown but the beautiful relief existed. The architecture had two possibilities of making this great building either minimizing the overruns cost or making it minimalist to make it looked different.

Even though it looked simple, there was Ganesha statues that made four sided more perfectly. For Hindus, They believed that Ganesha was a God of wise, intelligence, knowledge, saver, and disaster repellent.

“So long you have been here, Nav. Could you tell me the history?”

“Or maybe you could tell me as ex student history?” I asked them questions depend on their background of knowing the history of the place.

“Yeah, I know a bit beb, Simpang lima was created with 16 panel. There were 9 of 16 reliefs which told about the art at Kediri. Those were characterization of jajaran, tiban, and puppet. What a unique! And so many rooms under the ground were used for meetings.” I listened carefully what Navilah said tho I would figure out more information.

“Looked above! It was a main room and auditorium which design were like dome. Didn’t you remember what we have been crossed before? It was underground basement and minimarket was the last one item that on the ground floor.” Navilah clarified the statement.

What Navilah said has been supported of the limitation knowledge about the history. On the 12th century, a king Jongko Jojoboyo enganged five areas at Kediri and it eventually inspired the local government made the building in 2003 and inaugurated in 2008 when it has become a dazzling building. The building has successfully become a landmark of Kediri and it was a symbol of the progress of the city. Every steps of knowing these reliefs and tidiness of the city saved a lot of questions on my heart, did the society move to capital city to reduce population? Or the efforts of government maintained the tidiness?

We walked down to the hidden rooms and took the pictures. Every relief of the building was not left to be immortalized instead of walked under European skies, touched the wall and looked up hopefully. I wished the small steps turned me to the bigger journey and to the further distance. I felt a falling leaves hit by the blowing wind, smell the earth refracted by the cold of the snow, and the warmth of spring. Those hope mumbled on the heart deeply tho the journey was not measured by the distance, but how far to expand the heart and mind to what we looked for in this life.

Another character of Arc de Triomphe was the arch where it was existed on the history of Napoleon Bonaparte as the arch of glory. Arc de Triomphe in France was built in 1806 as an offering commemorate the glory of Napoleon and the society recognized about the important value of the history. They perpetuate a memory of someone by giving memorable contribution.

Whatever the time you had, you could spend in this place because the size of the room didn’t choose whoever wanted to relax.

If you prefer choose book to the food, reading could be a good escape. So did I, I’ll spend a half day by reading in this room.

“beb, come here! Did it place to explore?” Asked Memey curiosity. The map did not turn out direction but also the distance to the tourist attractions. My eyes suddenly focused on the picture of Kelud Mountain  which will be visited after this.

Kediri was not only Arc de Triomphe which was existing on my mind, bu someone who ever learnt English at Pare Kediri.  A someone that I admired when I was Junior High School because his passion to keep learning.

See you when I see you, Kediri.



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