Anchored up at Two Docks

April 20, 2019

Lampung became a jungle of choice that was explored alone. At that time, it was 3:00 am until finally arrived at Merak port among the migrants who had fled to Jakarta. That was Jakarta, the capital city which had always been a reason to find work for local residents throughout Indonesia.People were so strength on the eyes when also the brokers offered their services. It seemed that the large backpacks carried by the travelers steal the attention to the point of being tempted as well as the carrying material. If you said yes or no, they will not care because for me life was not more cruel when it did not find a mouthful of rice, but for scalpers, the force was a shortcut other than picking pockets as well as fraudsters. Isn’t that a little glorifying yourself?

Before entering the ship, I first made sure the main requirements were passenger cards. The card that has been prepared by the ship’s officers for each passenger and this card must not be lost because it will become a mandatory requirement when it returned.

I walked through the room looking for the door to the dock, there was no one that I recognized let alone give instructions what to do after finding what was sought before. There were absolutely no security here so you have to be extra independent.

The ferry roared with the sound of a deafening machine. The middle-aged parents and children drove first to approach a door that had not opened yet. Meanwhile, the command from the captain was clear that the ship had not approached yet the dock fully. Life became easier when there was not caring about what other people say besides saving yourself with a sense of comfort. For me, seeking comfort was more important to be free from misery on the journey.

Not all passengers were more concerned with the ship, some of them stand exploring the variety of differences found, sit, fall asleep, eat, unaware that they were being watched. For a traveler, greeting a stranger was a way of making friendship from loneliness. The most gripping situation when made friendship with loneliness in the crowd by continuing to choose silence. Therefore, hiding in the crowd was when you immerse yourself in their environment. They ask even if “where are you going?” basic questions that will not be found anymore than asking for a name.

The children run to the hallways of the stuffy room with laughter in the ocean. Their laughter collided with a machine in the middle of the ocean. By seeing them, my trip was fun instantly remembering the same child with the same questions about the trip, pinching relatives and cousins ​​who could not be silent, crying when fighting over toys, avoiding something that was not dangerous with reprimands, while parents continued to be busy driving. It was a childhood, sometimes I  Paid attention to any traffic flow that we need to pass that travel was so exciting when it did not matter who was driving or how many memories were anchored in blank stares to memory. A quiet journey could fulfill the feelings.

I feel free from the room which imprisoning me with busyness, from feelings that bury me in sadness, and from the hustle and bustle of the city controlled by elites who depend themselves on power. I immediately came out of the cabin and watched the sun rise. Sun was cloudy and shady,  It saved a lot of hope and get rid of sadness by splitting the ocean. Watching the sun rise, it was like feeling my hope grow anymore.

[By] the sun and its brightness, and [by] the moon when it flows it. And [by] the day when it displays it, and [by] the night when it covers it. As-Shams 1:4

I only need 6 hours from the port of Merak to Bakauheni. So, while I was on the ship, there were many things that I pondered about.  Leaving, losing, and a Nation that was endless faced with tests. In Jakarta, it was hectic with 212 events where all Muslims were met at Monas court and compacted the streets of Jakarta with rare events. They didn’t question which groups rather than sound of Takbir from one religion. The feud was no less fierce than the feud with myself where there were two men who have stayed a long time in my heart. He did not go away as if he had joined with pain, so I enjoyed my sadness because there were those who I could not leave one of them. It might be crazy for most people because I loved two men at the same time, but I could be wise towards my own feelings by not having both. That was love, sometimes it sounded cliché but it was shaken like tidal waves.

I was not in the mood to remember a lot of things including emotional turmoil, but someone was suddenly present as if ready for the wind to take me to the second pier. From one pier to another, it’s not easy for me to decide on someone as the last port in this short amount of time. I still want to wander to find out,I didn’t know what,  it may be  fate was still hidden.

Aku sendiri berjalan

Menyisir semenangjung, masih pengap harap

Sesekali tiba di ujung dan sekalian selamat jalan

Dari pantai keempat, sedu penghabisan bisa terdekap.

Ini kali tak ada yang mencari cinta, Tubuhku diam dan sendiri.

Cerita dan peristiwa berlalu beku. Chairil Anwar

Sometimes, time flies so fast and too slowly to arrived at what we are going to be. Time loses its essence when we find it at the same time. Therefore, a time becomes real when we did not think about it anymore.

Sometimes, time flies so fast and too slowly to arrived at what we are going to be. Time loses its essence when we find it at the same time. Therefore, a time becomes real when we did not think about it anymore.

My feelings increasingly receded to someone I left behind and  the city of Lampung was seen from the symbol that became the hallmark of the city, namely Siger. I was strolling crossed the time by wandering, discovering the diversity, mingling with the local residents and becoming part of the local community. A freedom can be found in a crowd that we didn’t recognize.

My heart felt happy once I arrived at the second pier, it was Bakauheni port. Just like the port of Merak, Bakauheni port was an alternative overland trip that connected Sunda Kelapa to the island of Sumatra. Don’t be surprised if various ports were so crowded because besides being a connecting road, many people also worked in this place.

As a solo traveler, I just need to be careful not to trust anyone easily. My heart was still focused on God, even though my eyes were everywhere because I wont to miss the moment recorded by my eyes.




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